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Not so bad.. [Sep. 16th, 2005|05:39 pm]


Went for the 3 hour glucose test today. I actually meant to get going pretty early so that I could get it over with. However, seeing as how I didn't sleep worth a crap last night I couldn't get myself going as early as I wanted. I didn't make it to the lab until 10:10 and was amazed to see I wouldn't have to wait. I signed in but she told me that she actually goes to lunch 12 - 1 and I could come back after 1 if i wanted. Hrm, go even longer without food, I don't think so! We(husband and I) decided to try one of the other labs close by, Wasn't as lucky there, the room was packed full. I began feeling very sick hungry and wasn't even taken back until a little after 12. Finally I'm in the room and the 2 ladies with me are very impersonal. Only time they would speak is if they were asking me information(name, DOB, phone #, etc.). The other girl took my blood and put a small guaze there and some of the sticky wrap. Didn't realize it at the time but she had it so tight that it cut the circulation off some in my arm. When walking around my arm felt funny, I looked down to see that my hands were 2 completely different colors. After taking the blood they handed me the cut of orange nastiness, which wouldn't be so bad if I liked things that were really sweet..but i don't. all they said was " drink this as fast as you can" with them both standing there watching me like it was jeopardy or something. Very uncomfortable... after that she told me to be back in an hour. Luckily I didn't have to stay there..so for each other we were able to run errands and find other things to do. A good thing because I forgot to take something to do or read. Next 2 sticks were fine..but the 4th and final one it was a different girl. She may have been new because she was trying to be really easy on my arms because she knew it had to be tender. She couldn't get a vein on either arm. So, she went to get the girl who did it the last 3 times, she jabs and gets it right away. Which means, instead of having 4 sticks, i was lucky enough to have 6. haha..
Then, i went to pig out! I'm not so nervous about the results. I would prefer, of course, not to have GD. But if I do, I will only be forced to eat healthier. I try, but every pregnant woman needs that push sometimes.. haha.

Will post the results once i receive them.

Hope you are all having a great day! Thanks to all the responses I got from my last post, you all made me laugh and look forward to the surprise even more. :)