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Kind of a long update - Pregnancy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kind of a long update [Dec. 2nd, 2005|04:45 pm]
[mood |blankblank]

Went to my doctor today spent like and hour or better there, they did my normal vist and then I had to be hooked up to a monotor to make sure I wasn't having contractions and thankx to someone I'm NOT having contractions! I'm having alot of back pain though and can't figure out why that is! I wear the maturanty belt all the time well almost all the time! That belt is suppose to add support to my stomach and back while baby is growing and I guess it does help but not always!!! Anywho then she said I was dihydrated and they had to hook me up to an IV I went through a bag of fluid like 100cc or something like that, she said it may be whats causing my back pain, so far though my back is still killing me! I just hope I don't have to go to the hospital again that would really suck! The baby hasn't been moving as much as he normally does ususally he moves for hours at a time like right now for instance he's kicking the crap out of me but I think he's still mad from all the monotors and the ultrasound. My doctor thinks I may have a kidney stone *boo* or a galblader stone, not sure if I spelt that right but you get what I'm saying I hope! Anywho neither of them sound all that fun to me and I really hope that I don't have one, but I really want to know whats causing the back aches! So next week I have 2 more doctors visits and I have to go tonight and pick up my antibotics, I'm just going to be really busy next week, not to forget my babyshower is the 10th o.O My sister reasured me that my invites would be out like today, they had to re-do them cause her dad messed them up soooo yea I'm worried they wont be out in time! Oh before I forget I'm going into my 29th week and the baby weighs 3 lbs and 3 ounces. I however will not be revealing my weight I've never been this size before let me just say that!! The Doc yet again reasures me it is most diffently all baby, and to be honest it really doesn't bother me I thought that it would but it really don't! I'm really proud to say that it don't bother me now since it was such a big issue with me before! Well I guess I need to wrap this up my husband should be home soon! ttyl